St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church

Vancouver,  B.C.

Diocese of New Westminster

Anglican Church of Canada

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Games Day

For anyone who is bored or lonely or geeky or extraverted or just needs a group to try our that game they got last Christmas.


We will have a selection of games available for friends and members of the community to come play! 

Light snacks provided, and if you have a game of your own someone gave you that you just haven't had a chance to try yet, bring it with you. There will be people to play with!

Also, feel free to invite people you think might enjoy playing games, or who just want to come hang out for a while.


Dates: March 3, 2019

Time: 1:00 till 6:00 pm

St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church

2950 Laurel Street                

Vancouver, BC, V5Z 3T3

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