St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church

Vancouver, B.C.

Phone: 604-877-1788


The Anglican Parish of St. Mary Magdalene

2950 Laurel Street at West 14th Avenue

Vancouver, BC, V5Z  3T3

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Diocese of New Westminster Anglican Church of Canada

Home Who We Are UAM What Is On Sermons Contact Us

Re-opening a Parish Church to In-Person Gatherings

Step 3 Reopening - Covid Protocols

Good news:

 We can sing again, with masks.

 We can have coffee again. We will meet outside while the weather is good.

Ongoing protective measures:

 We strongly encourage everyone to wear masks when in the church and throughout worship

 We encourage you to wash of sanitize your hands when you arrive

 We will keep distance between the chairs and urge people to stay distanced from each other

 We will continue to pass the peace without touching (wave or bow but don’t shake hands or hug)

 Communion is still bread only

    We will maintain Zoom worship as a permanent alternative to in        person worship.

Covid-19 Safety Plan