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January 14, 2022 Newsletter

Lamb of God

Deepening our faith

Curious about the Bible? What about the Big Questions of the Christian tradition?

Bible Study is back, same day, different time. We meet for about an hour to discuss one of the readings for the upcoming Sunday. You don’t need to know ANYTHING about the Bible to enjoy the discussion; in fact, questions that come from “a beginner’s mind” can be very helpful for everyone.

The process is simple: we read through the passage a couple of times, then we discuss words or ideas that caught our attention. Finally, we reflect on how what we’ve discussed might apply in our lives.

Check it out: Tuesdays at 1:00 pm.

Transforming Questions is an 11-session Zoom-based course offered by the diocese that engages core questions about the Christian tradition such as Who is Jesus? and Why is there suffering? The sessions begin on January 26 at 7:00 pm. For more information and to register, click here: Transforming Questions.

Donation envelopes ready for pick up

Thank you to everyone who supports the work of St. Mary Magdalene’s financially. If you give to the church using envelopes, they are ready for pick up. If you would like to start using envelopes (they makes it easy to issue a tax receipt), just talk to Marianne or Tasha–we have lots to go around. 

But did you know that the easiest way to support St. Mary Mags is pre-authorized donations? The church will withdraw the amount that you specify from your bank account or bill your credit card once a month. If you’re concerned about potential cash flow issues, it’s easy to stop and start. Regular giving really makes a difference. 

Help Still Wanted

Did you know that the best volunteer job is arriving early and setting up the church for worship? We arrange the chairs, set up the sound system, and make everything lovely. It takes about 15 minutes with two people and doesn’t require any particular strength. Arrive around 10:00 am to help Tasha. 

We’re also in need of coffee hour set up and clean up helpers. Once a month is enough!

The sign up sheet for other things to do is now on the bulletin board. 

Welcome (again) Dave!

We’re delighted that Dave Dagta has become our permanent musician. Check out his professional website here: Dave Dagta.

Zoom to Church

Bad weather or oversleeping doesn’t have to stop you from coming to church. We’ve got Zoom back up and running! Head over to our website ( On the homepage you will see a button that will take you straight to church, where our Zoom host Tuuli will be ready to greet you. 

You will always be able to Zoom to church through the website, so you don’t have to be on the lookout for a weekly email or newsletter. 

Holy Communion

Sundays from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. Come for song and silence, story and prayer, and sacred meal.  

Bible Study

Bible Study is back, this time on Tuesday afternoons at 1:00 pm. Join others for a lively discussion on one of the texts for the upcoming Sunday. All the questions, some of the answers. Facilitated by Tasha.

Mid-week Holy Communion

Wednesdays at 12:30 pm. Join Tasha for a simple service from the Book of Alternative Services. Includes periods of silence. The service takes about 25 minutes. 

Drum Circle

Drum circle meets on Fridays from noon to 2:00 pm for drumming, singing and food. Facilitated by Steven Seegerts.

For more information on any of these activities,
contact office coordinator Sean Lynn or vicar Tasha Carrothers at 604-877-1788.