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July 9, 2023 Newsletter

From Shrubs to Food: Planting our Values

For a long time we have been wondering how to increase the visibility of the church. At the same time, the Vicar has had it in for the overgrown front shrubs. Add to that our commitment to both hospitality and the environment, and the Shrubs to Food project came into being. 

In place of the shrubs we now have a food garden. The idea is to share the produce with tenants of St. George’s Place and the wider community. The hope is that passersby can now see that there is a church here, that some of our values are on display for all to see and, if you want a handful of raspberries, all you have to do is wait a year and help yourself!

We have so many people to thank for the transformation of our front raised garden bed. It starts with the board of St. George’s Place, which gave us the go ahead for this project. Next up are Nicole Treberof Gallicano Gardens and Mike Dezell of Watershed Land Design, both of whom inspected the space and took the trouble to give us ideas and proposals. After that it’s Bruce Ainsley and Margaret Hicks, friends of Tasha and former members of St. Mark’s, Kitsilano, who got up early one Saturday to remove so many overgrown shrubs. Finally it’s our old friends Jade Martin Seedhouse and Neil Seedhouse, together with Mike Dezell (former member of St. George’s), who enriched the soil, put in the plants, and discovered that the watering system needs a serious adjustment. 

The project is funded by proceeds from the Earth Day Festival organized by Jandyra Walker and a grant of$1,000 from the Diocesan Climate Emergency Task Force. We have received lots of tangible support from the Diocese this year. 

Marianne Huestis and Jean Senior are continuing to add plants and will keep the bed watered until the irrigation system can be adjusted to the new configuration. 

The next step is to gather a team to keep the garden flourishing. What else do we want to plant? How do we want to maintain it? What’s next? If this sounds like fun, talk to the Vicar when she gets back in August. 

Our Own Little Free Library

It didn’t take much encouragement for Richard Bougie to create our own little free library. Within a few short weeks, he found a design, gathered the material mostly from his workshop, trimmed a window, and installed it. Luckily he had supervision help from Dan Montalegre (top left picture, standing to Richard’s right). It would have gone faster but the Vicar kept interrupting to inspect the progress. Thank you Richard and Dan! One more way to connect with our neighbours. 

Welcome Guest Clergy

The Vicar is away on study leave and holidays as of July 10th. In her place we are delighted to welcome our friends the Rev. Lois Boxill (July 16 and 23) and the Rev. Margaret Marquhardt (July 30, August 6 and 13). Don’t forget to sign up for reading, praying, greeting, dishwashing, or treat bringing.

If you have any concerns while Tasha’s away, whether it’s about the church or a personal concern, don’t hesitate to talk to Marianne Huestis (people’s warden) or Sean Lynn (vicar’s warden). A colleague of Tasha’s is on stand by for urgent pastoral concerns, and the wardens can facilitate that connection. 

Tasha’s back in the office on Tuesday, August 15th and will be back at church on August 20th. 

Holy Communion

Sundays from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. Come for song and silence, story and prayer, and sacred meal.  

Drum Circle

Drum circle meets on Fridays from noon to 2:00 pm for drumming, singing and food. Facilitated by Steven Seegerts.

Bible Study and mid-week Holy Communion
will be back the first week of September. 

For more information on any of these activities,
contact office coordinator Sean Lynn or vicar Tasha Carrothers at 604-877-1788.