St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church

Vancouver, B.C.

Phone: 604-877-1788


The Anglican Parish of St. Mary Magdalene

2950 Laurel Street at West 14th Avenue

Vancouver, BC, V5Z  3T3

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Diocese of New Westminster Anglican Church of Canada

Home Who We Are UAM What Is On Sermons Contact Us

Christ of Maryknoll

Brother Robert Lentz, ofm

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Who We Are

St. Mary Magdalene Affirms…

   Mary Magdalene seeks to honour the inclusive vision of Jesus. We aspire to a spirit of openness inherent in historic Anglicanism. We are committed to a transformative way within an achingly beautiful and burdened world. In our commitment to Christianity as a path and practice, the parish community of St. Mary Magdalene affirms and commits itself to the following:

We celebrate the inclusive table fellowship of Jesus as the centre of our communal life and our commitment to intentional hospitality;

We embrace Christianity as a transformative way: a way of wisdom and compassion grounded in an awareness of the interdependence of all life;

We understand respect for all creation to be a fundamental ethical and spiritual issue;

We are seekers of spiritual and pastoral expressions that address issues of consumerism, isolation and superficial religiosity;

We proclaim a prophetic social witness expressive of Jesus’ proclamation of the Reign of God;

We are grounded in our commitment to the spirit of          historic Anglicanism which celebrates and engages       diversity and difference.

St. Mary Magdalene’s is part of the Diocese of New Westminster   in the Anglican Church of Canada.

At first glance from the outside we don’t look like a church. We look like an apartment building. Step inside and we don’t look like a church. There is no aisle, no pews, no front, no back. There is stained glass, candles, Russian Icons and sacred images and an atmosphere of beauty and presence welcomes you into our sacred space.

We are a neighbourhood church that welcomes people of all ages and abilities to our Anglican community, located just 2 blocks from Vancouver General Hospital.

We invite individuals to experience the sacred in themselves, in community and in creation.

We affirm a vision of Christianity as ‘a path and practice’ following the way of Jesus.

Our worship is thoughtful and creative, featuring dynamic, engaging preaching in a beautiful, innovative worship space. Our liturgy is an offering which we create together. In song and silence, in story and prayer, in sacred meal, everyone can participate—everyone’s voice is welcome.

St. Mary Magdalene’s is a supportive, compassionate community that cares for its members and for its neighbours.

We share mutual care and concern for one another, and support the wider community through our prayers and through our Urban Aboriginal Ministry which offers spiritual, cultural and practical support to our indigenous neighbours, The Listening Post on the Downtown Eastside and St. George’s Place Society which provides housing for families with physical or financial disabilities.

An unexpected experience of church.